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Galaxy to Galaxy
Nomis Alekesn (The Vibes)

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Welcome to the space and mind of Nomis Alekesn. I first want to personally thank you for your time and interest in my creations. I hope you dig it...
Im not the norm, typical or average. I live free, guided only by my own morals and convictions... I love the world, love the universe and you all are my brothers and sisters until you deem otherwise... I could sit here and write to you where I come from and what makes me who I am but I'd rather not... I'd rather you listen to the music and let the energy I pour into every song speak to you. Spoken word is so flawed and music is the only language that can connect us; destroying all materialistic and social barriers and knocking at the door of the soul...
I humbly ask you to listen and take from it what you want. Life is yours to live and Im honored you've given me a moment to express these visions and stories of mine. I wish you all well and as always, #RebelOn

Nomis Alekesn

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